Strategic Advisors & Team

Steven Nerayoff
Co-Creator of Ethereum, Alchemist, Tzero and Bancor
Jacob Farber
Ourobors LLP Partner at Ouroboros LLP Blockchain | General Counsel
Jeff Pulver
President Security Token Alliance | Internet Pioneer, creator of Voice over IP
Martin Orlando
Founder La Maquinita | Largest Coworking Space South America
Stefano Angeli
Transatlántica Bank | CEO
Michael Sutherland
Silicon Valley Cryptocurrency Evangelist
Gastón Besanson
Accenture | Data Scientist, Analytics Manager, Innovation and Blockchain Analytics
Pablo Orlando Trackzuk
President & Chairman
Janes Cochesa
Chief Executive Officer
Mary Saracco
Chief Investment Officer
Nick Bayerque
Head of Strategic Partnerships
Gastón Cartier
Chief Operations Officer
Máximo Cartier
Chief Product Officer